Les Francaises
Le repos de la guerrière
Villa Médicis
12 x 18 cm
4.72 x 7.09 in.
Auflage 5
54 x 80 cm
21.26 x 31.50 in.
Auflage 7
73 x 110 cm
28.74 x 43.31 in.
Auflage 3


SONIA SIEFF was born in Paris.
The family apartment in the 17th arrondissement houses the studio in which her parents, the photographers Barbara Rix and Jeanloup Sieff, worked.

Photography was never a mystery to her, running as it did in her blood. She explores her own creative path through multiple visual disciplines: a photographer on film sets at the age of 20, then a portraitist, she also turned her attention to fashion photography. She contributes to numerous magazines (Vanity Fair, Telegraph, Vogue) and works as a filmmaker.
Les Françaises is her first book.


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