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Greg Gorman is a legend. He belongs to a very small  group of iconic Hollywood photographers, who, like George Hurrell in his time, is a master of light and wields his magic to produce stunning and memorable images. During the past fifty years, Gorman has created an impressive and distinctive body of  portrait photography.
In his portraits, Gorman both reflects and critiques  the alluring myth of Hollywood. The images, many of which were produced on assignment, are individual and formally diverse. Gorman’s unique photographic style fuses with his client’s wishes and the impulses of his portrayed subjects in a remarkable mélange. His outstanding ability to quickly adapt to the person in front of him without reflecting his own personal ego, has enabled Gorman to become one of the most esteemed and beloved portrait photographers of our times.


The main part of this exhibition are the works from his last book »THE LAST OF THEIR KIND«, published by TeNeues in 2021.

»Some of the largest and most wonderful creatures in Africa have become very dear to me over the years: elephant, rhino, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard and mountain gorilla — all utterly fascinating creatures and all of them endangered. I have dedicated this book to these last of their kind. These are intimate portraits of the beauty of creation and its transience. It's a homage and warning at the same time — a visual message with the aim of sharpening our clouded view of the one, infinitely complex and vulnerable nature and to recognize which treasures we are about to irretrievably lose.« Joachim Schmeisser



Olga Michi is a modern digital artist, author of the concept of cinematographic projects. In her works, Olga follows the traditions of Western European art, in particular, the approaches that masters of the Düsseldorf school of photography employ. Olga's works cover and address a wide range of topics, including both acute problems of modern life and absorbing philosophical questions.
In this Virtual Exhibition IMMAGIS presents a prominent selection of Olga Michi's »Vulnerable« project.


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