Jay Foster's artistic journey is a tapestry woven with the threads of anonymity and renown. 

His early days were marked by the pulse of the streets, where under a veil of mystery, he honed his craft and shaped his voice amidst the urban canvas. This chapter of his life brought him through the vibrant street art scenes of Germany and Switzerland, with exhibitions and shows that whispered his presence without ever revealing his name.

Within these experiences, Jay found the courage to evolve, to step out from the shadows and embrace the heritage of creative brilliance that runs in his veins. Now, shedding the anonymity that once cloaked him, he presents his work with a newfound conviction, under his true name. The works of Jay Foster are a declaration, a statement that while his past may be etched on the walls of cityscapes, his future is signed with the indelible ink of his own identity. Here, in the confluence of street art vigor and architectural influence, Jay Foster reaches the zenith of his artistic expression, proudly claiming each piece as a facet of his unfolding legacy.
His works are characterized by an impressive combination of colors, shapes and symbolism that tell a profound and personal story. His creative activity reflects the dynamism and diversity of his surroundings, while permeating an introspective level that reflects his personal journey and identity. Jay's vision is characterized by an intense search for authenticity and innovation in his art. With a deep passion for creative expression and artistic evolution, he strives to explore new avenues of representation and continuously expand his artistic language. His works invite the viewer to delve into the depths of his artistic interpretation and connect emotionally with his unique creative vision. 

This vision is a tribute to the diversity of life, the beauty of the unconventional, and the transformative power of art that is destined to expand the boundaries of consciousness and touch
the soul.



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Tempus and Skull
100 x 120 cm
39.37 x 47.24 in.
Edition of 1


Spray, Marker, Soft Pastel on Canvas

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