Jan Schlegel »PURE – Revelations in Silver • Platinum • Iridium • Rhodium«
From 11 Oct 2019 to 09 Nov 2019
His works are a reminiscence of the original genre of photography and at the same time a renaissance of old artistic photographic craftmanship, which is able to combine two features: achieving the highest quality and capturing the beauty for eternity. On display are 43 Photographs of his latest series ”Creatures of the seven seas” and “Of Monster and Dragon” as well as a selection of his works from “Essence” and “Muses – Homage to Auguste Rodin”.

»PURE – Revelations in Silver • Platinum • Iridium • Rhodium«


“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it”
This sentence from Irving Penn, one of the most influential photographers in recent history and reinventers of the platinum printing process in the sixties, Jan C. Schlegel often refers to when he speaks about his works. Pushing the boundaries of his medium he asks universal, existential questions about identity, beauty and the uniqueness of every living being in all their details, shapes and structures. Furthermore, he has mastered the art of photography - by studying, analyzing and exploring. As a result of his way of approaching his subjects, he is able to create almost surrealistic portraits by focusing on the essence of things with remarkable deepness.


Jan C. Schlegel works exclusively (only exception: Creatures of the seven seas with Leica S) with a 4 x 5 inch Linhof Technica running-floor camera on traditional film completely without digital post-processing. All prints are personally hand-printed by him as platinum, salt or toned silver gelatine prints and partly toned with an independently developed mixture of the photographer. Each print is therefore unique.


Jan C. Schlegel lives in Nuremberg, his works have been exhibited for many years in galleries, festivals and art fairs worldwide, in Germany exclusively at IMMAGIS ART·PHOTOGRAPHY.




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